Certification Maintenance

Since 1979, the Board has required that all Diplomates participate in a Certification Maintenance (CM) program. CM is primarily focused on the continuous development of the industrial hygiene professional. Every 5 years, each Diplomate is asked to document that they have achieved at least the minimum level of experiences and education. These can take the form of work tasks, educational classes, conferences, committee work, presentations, teaching, authoring and even mentoring, to mention a few.

For educational events, BGC specifies that at least 10 CM points/60 hours per 5 year cycle must accrued in the IH rubrics, with at least 0.33 CM points/2 hours in the area of “ethics”. Other than that, the Diplomate may choose any activity that meets the criteria and rules of the Certification Maintenance Program Handbook. This freedom allows the CIH or the CAIH to better manage their career development according to their needs, e.g. practitioners with broad knowledge, or practitioners with deep, specialized knowledge.