Certification Value

Is it worth it? The eligibility requirements are tough. Preparation can be a lot of work. The examination can be hard. Everyone has a different reason for pursuing a voluntary certification, e.g., peer recognition, personal satisfaction, job placement or advancement, market value, higher salaries. For some, the rewards are immediate and outward; for others, the rewards are intrinsic.

Several states have recognized the CIH/CAIH trademark, its implied capabilities, and have enacted legislation to protect the designations of "Certified Industrial Hygienist" and “Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist”.

The process has, through the demonstrated success of its Diplomates, attained a brand recognition that gives a CIH/CAIH a competitive professional edge over non-certified people. The CIH program, as administered by BGC, has been accredited by ANSI (to ISO 17024) and is a recognized certification scheme by the International Occupational Hygiene Association/IOHA.

Thus, the CIH and CAIH are recognized as the mark of professionals, giving the Diplomate instant name brand recognition and professional credibility throughout the world.