Certifications for the following individuals have expired or lapsed because they did not successfully complete some aspect of the Certification Maintenance process, e.g. worksheet, exam, fees payment, ethics.

Except for ethics sanctions, these individuals may pursue reactivation and some may have already recertified. See the ABIH online pubic roster for a list of currently certified individuals.

July 1 - December 31, 2013

Bernard J. Battig
Bruce E. Bornhorst
Timothy W. Braun
John P. Chewuk
Rosana Cordellini

Robert L. Fischoff
Roger O. Lewis
Charles S. O'Dell
Gary R. Rosenblum
Allen F. Schmit
Gerald W. Treece


January 1 - June 30, 2013

Abraham A. Alangadan
Alex R. Bako
Mark F. Boeniger
James R. Brooks
Patrick L. Byrne
Edward S. Chessor
Steve M. Freemyer
Robert G. Gallaghar
Clifford R. Glowacki
Dale T. Hitchings
Paul J. Hitcho, PhD
Diane K. Kobayashi
Thoms F. Kohl
Donald J. Lewis
Peter L. Lubs
Michael L. Lynham
James W. McClatchey
Vaughn E. Meister
Timothy R. Middleton
Ross N. Miller
Samuel K. Norwood
Jeffrey R. Parsons
Paul D. Pryor
Robert L. Schumacher
William A. Williams
Usha Wright, JD.