Certifications for the following individuals have expired or lapsed because they did not successfully complete some aspect of the Certification Maintenance process, i.e, CM worksheet submission, exam, payment of fees or ethics. It is ABIH policy that the names of former Diplomates will be listed for ~1.5 years (3 CM cycle groups) on the ABIH web site.

Except for ethics sanctions, these individuals may pursue reactivation and some may already be reactivated (if noted below).

See the ABIH online public roster for a complete list of all currently certified individuals.

July 1 - December 2017

Ronald G. Back
John J. Furman
Don W. Harvey
Carol Glazier Lawson
Richard Lloyd Matta
Andrew A. Rahaman
James C. Rock, PhD

January 1- June 30, 2017

William L. Becket
Steven L. Bertness
Alan L. Buerer
Charles D. Chapman
Suzanne Drost Cone
George M. Crawford, Jr.
Lynda M. Ewers, PhD
Jorge Alberto Garza
Robert E. Gils
Brian R. McCulloch
Rory W. Morgan
Daniel R. Morton
Joseph O. Ngao
Robert M. Pawlowski
William Robert Youngblut

July 1 – December 31, 2016

Steven L. Bertness
George M. Crawford
Lynda M. Ewers 

Jorge Alberto Garza
Robert E. Gils
Rory W. Morgan 

January 1 – June 30, 2016

Ralph Eric (Rick) Bahr
Mitchell J. Beekman
Dean Brotherton
Karan Charisse-Piercy
Michael J. Commons
Stephen S. Daly
Sidney C. Gibson
Lloyd Cecil Haggerty
Charles L. Haring
Mark Anthony Harrison
John S. Hatfield
Karen Irving-Deady
Duane L. Janssen
Mei Yee Khoo

John P. Kolcun, Jr.
Marshall H. Marcus, Jr.
Arthur Gennadyevich Matyushkov (CAIH)
Henry A. Phillips
Nancy Margaret Quick
Jeffery A. Reynolds
Lisa V.M. Robitaille-Sama
Romuald Antoni Roman
Stephen C. Sadler
Cary Lee Schiltz
Joseph A. Schneider, Jr.
Paige Davis Walling
Roger Leon Williams

July 1 - December 31, 2015

Margaret M. Macomber
Debra S. McGlothlin
William H. Merritt
Stephen R. Messinger
Yvonne M. Pietersma

Deana L. Schepp
Douglas P. Thiel
Daniel C. Wurster
Brent L. Yeagy

January 1 - June 30, 2015

Stephen B. Andrews
Robert S. Christie
Lowell E. Coates
Danny E. Field
Ted C. Helms
Philip L. Hopper
William Hoyle
Jean M. Melvin
Tammy L. Morrow
Aaron K. Nagayama ,PhD

Richard C. Orlusky
Chandamuri N. Reddy
Stephen R. Schanamann
Kenneth R. Shupe
Bruce C. Stark
Cheryl A. Statz
Marcella M. Walsh
Steven L. Weinbrenner
Patricia W. Wormley
Gregory M. Yarrick

July 1 - December 31, 2014

Geoffrey Braybrooke (Reactivated)
Richard Paul Burnis
Christopher H. Carroll
Gregory T. Chryst
Damian H. D'Aguiar
Melinda E. Horan
William J. Keane

Matthew T. McGuire
Rhonda L. Mowday
Robert G. Murphy
Thomas David Polton
Rene A. Ricks
John A. Tackett