Instructions for Applicants / Reapplicants

The steps of the Application Process

To become a successful Applicant, you’ll need to complete all of the following sections:
1. Application Forms, Fees, and Deadlines
2. College or University Degree Transcripts including International Degrees
3. IH Related Courses Documentation Form
4. Work Experience Documentation
5. Professional References Questionnaires

Please refer to the specific requirements in the Candidate Handbook before completing the application process.
Contact us for help if needed.

Your Application, Fees, and Deadlines

1. When you’re ready to take the CIH Examination, you need to complete an Application Form.This will tell us about you and your IH background. Type or print it neatly so we can read and reproduce it. Don’t forget to sign it! Keep a copy for your records.

2. There is a non-refundable Application Fee (check or money order in U.S. funds or use the Credit Card Payment form) of $150 for the review. Mail the completed Application Form and Fee to the address provided on the form.

3. If you want to take the Spring Exam (offered during April and May), we’ll need everything by February 1. If you’re planning on taking the Fall exam (offered during October and November), we need all of your application documents by August 1.

Your College or University Degrees

1. We’ll need official transcripts for your college or university degrees. They must show all degree courses and when they were completed. They must be sent directly to ABIH.

2. If that’s not possible, we’ll accept official transcripts in a sealed envelope with the registrar's stamp across the seal.

3. International degrees need a credential evaluation. It can be obtained from a member of either NACES or AICE. For details, see the Instructions for Review of International Degrees.

Your IH-Related Courses

You’ll need to document your IH-related courses by completing the IH Coursework Document Form. We’ll also need documenting certificates for each course or stand-alone exam. Include all this information with your Application Form.

Your Work Experience

You’ll need to show you’ve worked for at least 4 years (48 months) at a professional IH level. One year or 6 months of credit is available for graduates of an ABET accredited IH program with a master’s or bachelor’s degree respectively.

1. To do this, give us some information on the Application Form about each of your IH related positions.

2. Don’t use generic statements like "Recognition, evaluation and control of environmental factors which may relate to worker illness or impaired health". Just give us sufficient details to clearly highlight your responsibilities.

Your Professional References

1. Have each of your references complete a Professional Reference Questionnaire for you and send it directly to us. We’ll need at least 2 – 1 from your current supervisor and 1 from a CIH who knows about your work.

2. If you claim credit for other work time, have each previous supervisor also complete the questionnaire. Needless to say, you can’t use a relative or someone you supervise as a reference.

3. If you can’t offer a CIH reference, check this Alternative.

Be Sure You’ve Sent Everything

Your application, transcripts, and references are critical to determine your qualifications to take the Examination. If these materials are incomplete or we haven’t received your Application Fee, we’ll let you know as soon as we can. You cannot take the exam until your application is complete and your qualifications show that you meet ABIH's eligibility requirements.
For questions about completing your Application, contact ABIH at or or (517) 853-5765.