Eligibility for Certification

Eligibility Self-Assessment Checklist

Do you have what it takes to become a CIH?  Let’s see.

To be eligible to sit for the CIH exam, you’ll need to show that you’ve met specific standards for both formal education and professional IH experience. The criteria you need to meet include all of the following:

An Academic Degree

You possess at least a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree from a regionally-accredited college or university:

  • in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Engineering, or
  • in IH or Safety from an ABET-accredited program, or
  • with at least 60 semester hours of science, math, engineering, or science-based technology (15 hours at the junior, senior, or graduate level).
Specific IH Coursework  

You have completed at least:

  • 180 academic contact hours* or 240 continuing education contact hours of IH coursework with at least half of those hours in the areas of Fundamentals of IH, Toxicology, Measurements, and Controls
  • 2 hours of ethics training or coursework

*1 semester credit hour = 15 academic hours; 1CEU = 10 continuing education hours

Professional Level IH Experience

You have professional level, broad-scope IH experience spanning:

  • at least 4 years of IH practice (1 year or 6 months of credit available for graduates of an ABET-accredited IH program, with a master’s or bachelor’s degree respectively), and
  • at least 2 of the following occupational health stressors: chemical, physical, biological or ergonomics
Professional References

You need to provide at least 2 written confidential questionnaires from:

  • your current supervisor to verify your current level of IH work
  • all other supervisors verifying all other work experience periods claimed
  • one CIH who is familiar with your work experience (alternatives are available)
Please see the CIH Candidate Handbook for more detail on the reference requirements.
Your Next Step Do you feel you can meet all these Criteria? If so, please go to the Instructions for Applicants and begin the application process.  

Want more details about the whole process?  If so, return to the Path to Certification or download the CIH Candidate Handbook.

Have questions?  We want to help you successfully travel the Path to becoming a CIH.  Contact us at applications@GoBGC.org or call (517) 853-5765.