Instructions for Review of International Degrees

Your International College or University Degree 

1. Applicants with international degrees (obtained outsdie the U.S. or Canada) are required to submit their transcript(s) to a member organization of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc. ( ) or the Association of International Credential Evaluators ( Request that a report be forwarded to ABIH. The NACES and AICE organizations determine if an international university is equivalent to a college or university in the U.S.

2. If the degree is in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, or Physics, a Basic/General/Document-by-Document report must be provided.

Any other degree requires a Comprehensive/Course-by-Course report which identifies upper-level (Junior, Senior, or Graduate) courses.

Regardless of specialization, if you have academic IH coursework you wish to be considered as part of your CIH application, you must order a course-by-course report.

NACES/AICE Organizations  Most of the NACES organizations (such as the World Education Services/WES or Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc./ECE ) have examples of Course-By-Course and Document-By-Document Reports on their websites. Each NACES organization will tell you what documents you need to send to complete the report (examples from WES and ECE ). The AICE organizations also have examples of Basic/Comprehensive reports and instructions as to what documents to send.
You also have a degree from the US or Canada If you have several degrees and at least 1 of them is from the U.S./Canada, a transcript evaluation may not be required for your international degree(s). Please contact the office (; or call (517) 853-5765 for advice.