Calculator Information

Examinees may bring one or two nonprogrammable calculators selected from the approved list below. Any calculator within the series listed in the information provided to candidates is acceptable. Not all models within a series are listed because of the variety and the model changes that take place.

For example, the listing of a Texas Instruments TI-30 as “approved” means that such models as the TI-30X, TI-30Xa, TI-30XII, and TI-30XIIs are all acceptable. The Prometric instructions to their staff indicate this, so the person checking you in at the Prometric testing center will be aware that these are acceptable calculators.

Approved Calculator List

Casio Models

  • FX-115
  • FX-250
  • FX-260
  • FX-300
  • FX-350
  • FX-991

Hewlett-Packard Models

  • hp-9S
  • hp-10S
  • hp-30S
  • hp-300S

*Note: hp-9G is not acceptable

Texas Instruments Models

  • TI-30
  • TI-34
  • TI-35
  • TI-36