CIH Job Analysis

A quality credentialing or licensing program must follow a defined set of logical, sound, and legally-defensible procedures for developing examinations to certify practitioners.  The knowledge and skills necessary for certification are determined by a process called by various names including:  Practice Audit, Role-Delineation Study, Task Analysis, or as we call it, a “Job Analysis.”  Conducting a Job Analysis ensures that an examination’s content is valid.  In other words, that the examination accurately measures a person’s mastery of knowledge and skills required to function as a certified practitioner in the field.   Content validation is the most commonly applied and accepted validation strategy used by certification programs, today.

A Job Analysis is also an integral step to ensure that an examination accurately reflects the tasks performed in a profession, by including a representative sample of survey questions to measure the knowledge or skills applied by qualified practitioners.  For both broad content areas and tasks, the Job Analysis process identifies (1) the frequency that a practitioner conducts an activity and (2) the “criticality,” meaning the potential for risk physical harm, financial loss, etc., to oneself or others, if the activity is performed poorly.  Ratings of the two areas by actual practitioners are essential for determining the content of the exam.  The final step in the Job Analysis is to develop test specifications, which function as the blueprint for identifying required knowledge and skills for the certification exam, along with the percent of items to be included within each content area or “domain.”

ABIH’s Job Analyses are conducted according to best practices in credentialing: 

·    Initial Development - A panel representing a variety of practice settings, geographic regions, educational levels, and years of experience is convened to identify the content domains and tasks essential to the performance of a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

·     Validation Survey - A random sample of Certified Industrial Hygienists, certified within the last 10 years, is asked to validate the work of the panel by rating the content domains and tasks based on their frequency of involvement in those activities and the criticality of the activities. 

·    Development of Test Specifications - Based on the ratings gathered from the representative sample of Certified Industrial Hygienists, the test specifications or “blueprint” for the certification exam is developed.

Please clickhere to view a PDF of the CIH® Exam Blueprint from ABIH’s most recent Job Analysis.