7. Approved Other



ONLY the following activities have been approved for Category 7 CM points.

Diplomates are advised to contact BGC® if they have an activity that should be considered.

BGC Approved Activity CM Points Acceptable Record
ACGIH Co-op Book Review 0.5 pt/review  Participation letter
Session Arranger* 0.5 pt/session  Conference brochure
Submitting acceptable questions for the CIH exam 1 pt/5 questions
Max. of 5 pts/yr
Participation letter from Exam Manager
Pro-bono activity + 1 pt for each 40 hrs Participation letter, or time/task tracking log
Claim These Activities in Category 4 Only
JOEH Action Level participant 3 hours for each calendar quarter Completion certificate
Workplace HR & Safety participant 3 hours for each 12 articles Completion certificate

* AIHce session moderators are not eligible for Category 7 pts. If the Moderator presents as part of the session, the presentation may be eligible in Category 5.

^ Peer-reviewed journals must be related to the IH rubrics. Diplomates can contact ABIH to ensure that their journal will be acceptable for Category 7 points.

+IH performed as a community service not as part of a regular job, for continuing education or for pay, e.g., work at disaster sites, local emergency training, Science Fairs, OHTA efforts. Several activities may be added together to total 40 hours (cumulative) during a CM cycle.

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Other Professional Certifications

Professional certifications achieved initially during the current CM cycle can be claimed using the method described in the IH-Related Exams.

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IH-Related Exams

Exams that meet the following Eligibility Criteria can be claimed for 0.5 points per hour of exam. CM credit is based on the maximum allowed time for the exam, not the actual time that it takes, e.g., a 3-hour exam completed in 2 hours is still worth 1.5 CM point.

CM credit can be claimed each time the exam is passed.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The exam is stand-alone, which means that it is independent of an exam preparation class or workshop where the exam is administered as part of the learning objectives. Note - the time for exams that IS part of an educational activity can be claimed in Category 4 - Education.
  • The Exam must be at least 1 hour in length
  • >50% of the exam content must align to the IH Rubricsor the CIH Exam Blueprint
  • The Exam must be offered by an organization responsible for overseeing exam development and administration

See examples of some Professional Certifications in the following table:

Certification Abr.
American Board of Preventive Medicine/Occupational Medicine  
Canadian Registered Safety Professional CRSP
Certified Environmental, Safety & Health Trainer CET
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager CHMM
Certified Health Physicist CHP
Certified Professional Ergonomist CPE
Certified Professional Environmental Auditor CPEA
Certified Professional Environmental Auditor-Management System CPEA-MS
Certified Safety and Health Manager CSHM
Certified Safety Professional CSP
Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant CIEC
Council-Certified Microbial Consultant CMC
Industrial Radiography Radiation Safety Personnel IRRSP
Qualified Environmental Professional QEP


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Mentor to other IH professionals = 1 point/yr for each Mentee (6 hr minimum)

Maximum of 5 points per CM cycle.

Pre-approval is not required, however, the following criteria must be met, and supporting documents may be required as part of the review process. 

Mentor Program Coordinator:
  • Documents mentoring program including program objectives; Mentor training requirements (if any), time tracking and assessment means; and, administrative procedures.
  • Formally evaluates mentoring activity.
  • Provides evidence (e.g., certificate or letter) of mentoring program completion.
  • Relationship (to the Mentee) cannot be part of normal job responsibilities.
  • Must keep track of mentoring time.
  • Mentoring scope must include but is not limited to the IH rubrics.
Mentoring Programs Approved by ABIH - Historical
AIHA - All groups
NIOSH Mountain and Plains ERC
Occupational Hygiene Association of Ontario (OHAO)
Trinidad State Colorado
University of Minnesota
University of Toronto – Dalla Lana School of Public Health

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