"The ABIH relies purely on objective and unbiased facts in evaluating the qualifications of an individual for certification; and furthermore, it sets the ethical standards for the professional conduct of the industrial hygienist."

- Steve G. DeLuca, CIH

"Getting the CIH certification has been the best professional decision I have ever made."

- Jorge Vizcaino, CIH, CAC, M.S, CDPH Lead Inspector/Assessor

" Being in Canada and working for a global organization it was important to me to have a designation that was well respected and recognized around the world."

- Jeff Dinyer, CIH

"Without my certification, I would not be where I am at today. I have a great job, in an exciting industry with the toughest of challenges. The CIH has made all of this possible, with room for further advancement."

- Dave J. Crnich, CIH

"The true value is still in the continuing education and professional growth I continue to pursue as part of the CIH designation. That decision to take the exam and work towards becoming a CIH changed my life for the better."

- Melissa L. Black, MS, CSP, CIH

" I committed to undertake the certification because I saw this as the premier credential in my field. I immediately saw benefit with my clients and with my peers. It was like I reached the top rung of the ladder."

- Richard Forget, CIH

" What I knew is that the CIH would give me was a sense of accomplishment towards bettering myself as a professional. What I did not know is that it would give me was a sense of confidence that I had never experienced as a professional."

- Rachel S. Williams, CIH

"With the CIH, my job opportunities have expanded dramatically and my career took a path toward ever more interesting and challenging work."

- Linn Havelick, CIH

" As a Team leader I stress the importance to my staff of getting certified and they all understand that its now expected if they want to be respected as credible and competent. Studying and getting the CIH was one of the best decisions I have ever made both professionally and financially."

- Joseph M Gallucci, CIH, CSP

"I went to a comedy club and Rita Rudner asked me what is a "Certified Industrial Hygienist"? I said we were certified to clean industrial teeth. She said she was the comedian but I then explained how wonderful we are. I got free drinks."

- Christopher Eident, CIH

" I was amazed at how many interviews and resume hits I received. My CIH is an invaluable insurance policy for my career, providing me with increased freedom to choose where I want to work. I would recommend it to anyone with aspirations to succeed in the field of occupational health & safety."

- David Kernazitskas, CIH

"It certainly didn’t hurt that I received a 30% pay raise almost overnight when I became certified almost 28 years ago, but much more importantly I found a life’s calling that I truly love."

- Frank Bastian, CIH, CSP

"The knowledge and talents of a CIH can be significant because we have expert skill at realizing value from risk management opportunities."

- Marc Axelrod, CIH

" I am sought out by clients because of my experience along with my CIH. My employer benefits in many ways...not least of which financially...because my CIH is amongst the top professional credentials that clients seek out to help resolve their health, safety and environmental needs."

- Michael Smith, CIH

"Being a CIH is the best job so I doubt I will retire because it is something different every day. Helping people understand and put into perspective their worries of various chemicals, dust, mold etc. is the art of industrial hygiene. It is enjoyable."

- Timothy F. Caughey, CIH

" I am really glad that I have my CIH because only a few people in Taiwan have the certificates. It brings me personal satisfaction, peer recognition/credibility and also job opportunities."

- Shih-Wei Tsai, PhD, CIH

"The prestige and cachet associated with the CIH has continued to allow me to survive difficult economic times for almost two decades."

- Jack Storace, CIH, CSP

"The CIH has helped me stamp my authority as the go-to person for all industrial hygiene project work undertaken by my company."

- Skanda Abeyesekere, MS, CIH, CSP

"My Masters program in IH provided me with a solid foundation but studying for the CIH examination enabled me to become familiar with each and every IH sub-discipline in even greater detail than I ever imagined possible."

- Seuri Tarurul, CIH

" The study process helped expand my knowledge of Industrial Hygiene, which made me a better health and safety professional. Since becoming a CIH I have received a promotion within my organization that most likely would not have been attainable without the CIH designation."

- Andrew D. Perkins, M.S., CIH, CSP

" In large organizations with formal EHS functions, being a CIH allowed me to remain competitive. Now as I am in the latter stages of my career, the CIH still provides credibility when addressing non-traditional IH responsibilities such as safety,environmental and sustainability."

- Randall W Klug, CIH

"The CIH helped me to gain respect, professional growth, personal satisfaction, confidence, bright career prospects, and an opportunity to serve the community and industries in both the US and India."

- Shrenik Manharlal Ranpura, CIH, CSP

" The CIH is not only a test and accomplishment to celebrate what you know. It is a humbling process to remind us that no matter how much we think we know, there is always more to learn."

- Matthew MacFarlane, CIH

"The CIH designation has allowed me to take on more interesting and complex project work within the company, which is very rewarding."

- Adam McLeland, CIH

"The day I became a CIH, I instantly gained recognition from my professional peers and supervisors, as well as clients who were CIHs. The feeling of obtaining your CIH credential is hard to describe because it never goes away, it only grows."

- Scott Skelton, CIH

"Having renewed my certification four times and heading for number five, shows that the CIH certification has generated a lengthy career path for me which has been consistently challenging, rewarding and fulfilling."

- Bob A. Pfromm, CIH

"The true value is in the continuing education and professional growth I continue to pursue as part of the CIH designation. That decision to take the exam and become a CIH changed my life for the better."

- Robert N. Phalen, CIH

" I have just received this certification last fall and have already seen the impact that it can make on my career. I have had multiple job opportunities come up in the last few months and my current employer has also seen the value and will be giving me a raise."

- Daniel Arnoldson, CIH

"After obtaining my CIH, I was able to negotiate a new job title and expanded job description that previously did not exist within the company."

- Chris Bagley, CIH

"As a non-engineer in the environmental consulting arena, I needed to distinguish myself by obtaining a recognized credential. I researched the various credentials and quickly realized that the CIH was among the top in the field and that it included air pollution as core competency."

- Tim McDaniel, CIH, CSP, CHMM, QEP

" The CIH credential truly is held by an elite group of dedicated, knowledgeable, and well-trained occupational health and safety professionals of the highest integrity."

- Julie Pettijohn, MPH, CIH

" With respect to employment and my CIH, I have gone from seeking opportunities to opportunities finding me."

- Larry J. Newport, CIH

" I learned the progression of thought that was needed to properly scope investigations and ultimately provide professional opinions. My hope has always been to use applied science to provide answers and to help people in the workplace and the CIH that I proudly hold help me do just that."

- Martha Boss, CIH

" I have learned that jobs come and go. As long as I work hard and maintain my certifications, I will always be able to find another job if it becomes necessary. I am truly marketable with a CIH."

- June Robinson, CIH

" I worked hard for the CIH and it was one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment I have had."

- Lann Barry, CIH

"The single professional certification I can commit to maintaining throughout my professional career will be my CIH."

- Shaun Crawford, CIH

" Obtaining my CIH opened the door to high-level leadership positions that I otherwise would not have had. The facts speak for themselves. The CIH designation means more respect, more opportunities, more money. It's that simple."

- Mike Christensen, PhD, CIH

"My road traveled as a CIH has allowed for lifelong learning, serving and helping others, and saving lives."

- Frank R. Scherffius, CIH, CSP

"None of the lesser, easy to achieve, high pass rate, certifications now available in the IH specialties field command the respect of the CIH designation. I have found the CIH designation priceless in establishing myself as a quality player in the consulting field."

- Cheryl A Sykora. CIH, CSP, CHMM

"As a CIH, you belong to a small community of people that have gone though a similar journey to reach a monumental peek in their career."

- Aryan Kamali, CIH

" While the CIH certification is technical in nature the ability to achieve certification includes setting goals, developing timelines, aligning resources and comprehending complex technical information, all of which are critical concepts necessary for many senior level positions."

- Perianan Periakaruppan, CIH

"As a CIH I get to work on a diverse group of projects throughout the country. I am not fixed to one industry or type of sampling and work with a team where we consistently upgrade our skills and work together to make sure the client receives the information they need while still being cost-effective."

- Dawn Burton, CIH

"As a forensic engineer in private practice, many credentials are required to be a consulting or expert witness. Of all my credentials, the one that brings the most business is the CIH."

- Drew Peake, PE, CIH, CSP

" I doubt that I am going create a lot of gasps but the primary reason I obtained the CIH designation was to increase my earnings potential. I accomplished that goal within a year after obtaining my CIH credential by getting a job which paid approximately $25,000 more than my pre-CIH job!"

- Greg Lomax, CIH

"I take pride in having a CIH designation and hope that, in my current position, I can be a role model for aspiring occupational hygienists."

- Chun-Yip Hon, PhD, CRSP, CIH

"In each instance and with each opportunity for employment over my 20+ year career, the CIH designation provided me with an advantage over my well-qualified, non-certified peers."

- Shannon Newton, CIH

" Having the CIH designation after my name is like having a PhD."

- Waikwong Kan, CIH

"Having the CIH gives others who I am dealing with the peace of mind that they are working with someone who has the experience and knowledge in the work that I do."

- Robin Van Driel, M.Sc., CIH, ROH, CRSP

" CIH's are the thin line protecting workers who in some cases suffer in silence from deadly work place hazards that are difficult to define and measure."

- Joseph Grills, CIH, CSP, P.E.

" I am among a select number of CIHs in Singapore. Recently, my CIH has allowed me to switch from the electronics to pharmaceutical industries because it demonstrated that I have the high level of competence that is demanded by the pharmaceutical industry."

- Fui Gan Ang, CIH

"I am a member of an elite group of Industrial Hygienists at my company, supporting different businesses and IH technologies throughout the world. This would not have been possible without a CIH designation."

- Dave Keenan, CIH

" Preparing for the CIH was a major revelation. It provided me with the necessary reason to complete my synthesis of knowledge and become a much better, broader-based industrial hygienist that I am today, some 26 years after."

- Joseph H Guth, PhD, CIH

"I was SO excited to see Judith Foster CIH on the outside of the envelope! I did it! I have earned the respect of management & co-workers where I have worked. I go home knowing that I have made a difference and have helped people to have a healthy & safe working environment."

- Judith A. Foster, CIH, CSP

"The CIH credential stands for believing in oneself and never giving up even on the days when things get tough."

- Cynthia Myers, CIH

"My CIH has opened doors that I thought were not possible."

- Eric Johnson, CIH

"Over the past two years, I have been given increasing responsibilities that validated the knowledge and experience behind that credential which had given confidence to my current employer to hire me."

- Timothy H. Kass, CIH, CSP

"Many industrial hygienists put off taking the exam due to fear of disappointment and/or fear of difficulty. In November 2012, my dream became a reality."

- Erin Sanchez, CIH

"Over the years, all the positions I sought and obtained required the CIH designation for credibility. It's a punch on your dance card, as I tell people entering the profession. I cannot imagine being where I am today without it."

- Dina Siegel, CIH, CSP, CBSP

" In addition to the financial benefits (30% pay raise), I've gained a great deal of professional respect from my collegues, and I've found that I'm part of a tight group of professionals that help me as much as I help them. This has translated into numerous opportunities, jobs and developmental, that wouldn't have existed without the CIH."

- Patrick Walsh, CIH

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What is a CIH?

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