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ABIH General          
ABIH Brochure       To print accurately, adjust your printer properties to landscape, duplex, binder settings mode; then tri-fold after printing.
By-Laws pdf link        
Confidentiality Statement        
Credit Card Payment Form Credit Card Payment Form PDF         
Privacy Policy        
Security Agreement Security Agreement PDF       (Non-disclosure form required of examination reviewers and item writers.)
Application Documents    
Application Form

PDF file

Word file

Reapplication Form Reapplication Form Reapplication Form Word Format     Use this form if it’s been More than 2 years since your original approval or last updated approval
Reapplication Request Reapplication Request PDF Reapplication Request Word     Use this form if it’s been Less than 2 years since your original approval or last updated approval
Cancel Request Cancel Request PDF Cancel Request Word     Use this form if you are currently approved/scheduled for the exam and it’s been Less than 2 years since your original approval or last updated approval
Professional Reference Questionnaire Professional Reference Questionnaire PDF Professional Reference Questionnaire Word      
IH Coursework Document Form IH Coursework Document Form PDF IH Coursework Document Form Word      
Certification Appeals Procedure Certification Appeals Procedure PDF        
Candidate Handbook
Candidate Handbook Candidate Handbook PDF      
Exam Equation Sheets (09/09) Exam Equation Sheets PDF        
Review of Exam Score Form Exam Equation Sheets PDF      
Eligibility Self-Assessment      
Test Accommodations    
Documentation Guidelines Document Guidelines PDF       (ABIH request for Test Accommodations Documentation Guidelines)
Request Form Request Form PDF Request Form Word      (Test Accommodations Request Form)
Certification Maintenance (CM) Documents
CM Primer       The CM program explained in a short, easy-to-read format.
CM Program Handbook CM Program Handbook PDF        Program description and rules. Everything in the handbook is available on the web site. Everything on the web site is not in the handbook.
CM Worksheet CM Worksheet PDF   CM Worksheet Excel   (The Excel version automates point summaries. Warning: When first opened, you may be asked to enable the macros or content. Do this or the spreadsheet will not function properly.) (The PDF must be filled out by hand.)
CM Orientation Webinar        Overview of the basics, how to earn CM credit, acceptable records, best practices and useful resources. 58 minutes.
CM Credit Calculation Method- Overview       The Overview version will take ~10 minutes.
CM Credit Calculation Method- Details       The Details version will take  ~45 minutes but is indexed for use as a reference.
CM Credit Calculation Webinar        Review of the Diplomate-Calculated method, record-keeping requirements and useful resources. 48 minutes.
CM Point Request Forms         (ABIH has discontinued its event review program. See CM Credit for Educational Events page for details.)
Attendance Verification Form Attendance Verification Form PDF         (Record your attendance when no other means is available. Especially useful for local conferences.)
Certification Appeals Procedure Certification Appeals Procedure PDF         (Process to appeal a qualifications, applications, examination or de-certification decision.)
CM By Exam CM by Exam PDF        (Used when taking the Exam for CM or Reactivation.)
Voluntary Surrender
Form                 Voluntary Surrender Form PDF        (Under some conditions, Diplomates may voluntarily surrender the CIH or CAIH certification.)
Code of Ethics Code of Ethics PDF        
Ethics Case Procedure Ethics Case Procedure PDF        
Ethics Complaint Form Ethics Complaint Form PDF Ethics Complaint Form Word