CM By Exam

Any CIH® certified in Comprehensive Practice may take the exam during the two exam periods immediately preceding the CM cycle end date, or the exam period immediately after the CM cycle end date. Successful examination earns 40 CM points in Category 6 and the CIH is recertified. A CM Worksheet does not need to be submitted.

To be eligible to sit for the exam (for CM), the CIH must:

  • Be in good standing with ABIH® (i.e., current on fees and no ethics complaints)
  • Complete at least two hours of ethics training during their CM cycle, prior to the exam authorization
  • Have not participated in an ABIH-sponsored Item Writing Workshop within the previous three years
  • Submit the CM By Exam Request Form
  • Pay the examination fee
Exam Windows

CIHs can only take the exam during the normal exam windows of April-May and October-November. CIHs are not held to the deadline dates for new Applicants: February 1 and August 1.

CAIH & Aspects
Since the Aspects examinations and CAIH® examinations have been discontinued, maintaining certification by taking these exams is no longer an option. Diplomates could apply for the comprehensive exam if their current work experience qualifies.