CM Credit in Category 4 - Education

How do I calculate CM credit for an educational event?

See Calculating CM Credit

Where can I find Category 4 CM approval numbers?

CM Approval Numbers are no longer needed on a CM worksheets for any event, past or future. To find a previous approval, search the online database.

Does the AIHce, PCIH or their PDCs receive CM credit?

Yes. CM credit for these conferences and courses are calculated in the same way as any other event that meets the ABIH CM credit criteria. See Calculating CM Credit. The AIHA Educational Transcript is a complete proof-of-participation record for any AIHA course (i.e., PDC, Webinar or Road Course); however, it is only a registration receipt for any AIHA conference because it does not show daily event participation.  Also, the transcript cannot be used for any non-AIHA event.

Which courses have blanket approval?

Blanket Approval is a term that is no longer in use. Any course which meets the ABIH® CM credit criteria is eligible for CM credit. See Calculating CM Credit.

What qualifies for IH CM credit?

Courses or conferences that are IH-related (see the definition at CM Areas) and are at least 1 hour in length are eligible. Ethics subject matter is also eligible and may be any length and it counts for both ethics CM credit (up to 30 hours per CM cycle) and IH CM credit.

Are management activities eligible for CM credit?

Management or leadership training that emphasizes generic skills typically is not eligible for CM credit. This includes topics such as but not limited to communication techniques, technical writing, presentation techniques, organizational effectiveness, media training, computer skills, supervisory skills, quality training, financial or accounting training, expert witness training and project management.

However, management or Leadership training that includes a significant emphasis on EH&S is acceptable for CM credit in the IH CM Area of Category 4.

Does academic coursework or a Graduate degree receive CM credit?

A Doctoral degree and academic coursework receives CM credit.

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CM Worksheets and CM Audits

How do I determine what has changed during my CM Cycle?

Key changes are chronologically summarized. Look at the change date and whether the item has impact to your situation.

What type of proof-of-participation records will I need?

The proof-of-participation varies by Category. The acceptable records are listed in the "Records" section for each Category. Access the Categories here or through the "Maintain Certification" drop down menu above. 

Do I need CM approval numbers before submitting my worksheet?

No. CM approval numbers are not required for any event.

I passed the exam, when does my CM cycle begin?

See the CM schedule.

CM points can only be accrued between your CM cycle Start and End dates. Your Certificate expiration date is NOT the same as your CM Cycle End date.

When are CM worksheets due? When is my CMW due?

See CM worksheet schedule.

To check your worksheet due date, log into the My Account menu bar option. You'll need your ABIH ID number (as listed on your dues receipt). Note - the ID# is not your certification number.

I've run out of room on the CM worksheet. How do I add more rows?

Guidance for adding rows is on the "Instructions" tab of the CMW. There is also a short instructional video which will help. You may also send the CMW to ABIH and we'll be glad to add the rows for you.

What is the CM worksheet review process?

See CM By Worksheet.

What are the minimum requirements for recertification?

See the Minimum Requirements.

Are there maximums or caps for any of the Categories?

Category Maximum Pts per Cycle
1. Active IH Practice

CIH® and CIH w/IEQ = 3 points/year; 15 points total

CAIH® = 2 points/year, 10 points total

2. Committee Service 5 pts total, Some restrictions based on position. See Category 2.
3. Publications None
4. Educational Programs

5 IH Ethics points (30 hours)

5. Teaching 20 points
6. ABIH Exam 40 points
7. Other Activities Some restrictions, see Category 7.


How can I accrue CM credit on a restricted travel budget?

Participate on IH-related Committees (Category 2).

Write papers for peer-reviewed or non-peer reviewed journals (Category 3).

Participate in online and free education events (Category 4).

Teach or present information on IH (Category 5).

Volunteer your time as mentor, for pro-bono work, or by submitting questions for the CIH exam (Category 7)

How do I apply for CM points in Category 7 - Other?

Category 7 is reserved for activities that do not logically fall within Category 1-6. A complete listing is maintained at Category 7.

If your activity is not listed, contact ABIH® before submitting your CMW. Your activity may or may not be accepted for CM points.

Do I get CM points for my other professional certifications?

If you passed the exam during your CM cycle and prior to 2014, some professional certifications have been pre-approved for CM credit. See the Professional Certifications section of Category 7. If your professional certification is not listed but is IH-related, see the IH-Related Exams portion of Category 7.

CM points are not awarded for maintaining a professional certification.

Can I retake the exam to meet my CM requirements?

Yes. See CM By Examination.

What happens when selected for an audit?

See CM Audit.

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CM Cycle - Extensions, Leave of Absence and Voluntary Surrender

Can I get an extension to my CM cycle?

For hardship cases, ABIH offers two programs, the CM Cycle Extension and the Leave of Absence.

What the key differences between a Cycle Extension and a Leave Of Absence?

The extension adds 6 months to a CM cycle. Additional CM credit can be earned during the 6 month extension.

The LOA reduces the minimum CM credit requirements during the CM cycle but does not change the CM cycle end date. The LOA periods can last from 1-2 years.

Can my certification be revoked?

Yes. See Decertification.

My certification was revoked because my CM worksheet was inadequate. Can I submit a late CMW?

Yes. See Reactivation.

Can I retake the exam if I've lost my certification?

Yes. See Reactivation.

What happened to the CIH (Ret) option?

ABIH discontinued the classification of CIH (Ret) in 2011 when the Voluntary Surrender program was launched. All former CIH (Ret) were converted to voluntary surrenders.

The term CIH (Ret) or any of its various forms can no longer be used. Former Diplomates are allowed to refer to their certification designation when showing the years of active certification, e.g. John Smyth, CIH, 1987-2006.

Some former Diplomates are still listed in the ABIH roster unless they chose to opt out.

Can I voluntarily surrender my certification?

Yes. See Voluntary Surrender.

Do this by submitting the Submittal Form for Voluntary Surrender.

I voluntarily surrendered my certification or I previously retired, can I reinstate?

Yes. See Reactivation.

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What is the "ethics requirement" and what qualifies for IH Ethics CM points?

Diplomates who recertify by CM worksheet or by Examination must acrue at least 0.33 IH Ethics point (2 hours) over the CM cycle. This can be done in separate sessions that cumulatively total at least 2 hours. Former Diplomates who want to reactivate (by CMW or by Exam) also must complete at least 2 hours of ethics training.

To better understand the types of subjects that qualify, see the IH Ethics CM Area.

Where can I find ethics training?

There are numerous sources for ethics training. Your company's internal ethics training may qualify. If your company does not offer ethics training, 3rd party providers can be used.

Ethics courses, which have previoulsy been awarded CM credit, can be found in the CM Events Database.

I'm ethical already, why do we need an ethics requirement?

Implemented in 2010, the ethics requirement was intended to get Diplomates thinking about ethical behavior and practices, not only in themselves but also in the decisions and actions of others. You may be ethical. Your job may require you to be ethical but what about all the others in your profession?

Since 2008, AIHA, ACGIH, ABIH and the AIH’s Joint IH Ethics Education Committee (JIHEEC) have been leading efforts to raise the level of awareness for ethics concerns. To reinforce the importance of ethics, it was agreed that ABIH would administer and enforce an ethics requirement for the IH profession. In November 2008, the ABIH Board of Directors passed a motion to implement the new ethics requirements for all new applicants and future CM cycles.

This was a joint, proactive effort by the IH profession to raise awareness through self-regulation.

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How do I get a replacement certificate or a new CIH lapel pin?

Submit a request paying the $10.00 fee. The replacement certificate most likely will not have the signatures found on your original.

How long do I need to maintain my CM records?

See Records Retention.

How do I align my CM cycle with my CSP?

1. Log in at My Account.

2. Follow the bullet point link named "Check your CM Due Date - Also used for CSP Alignment".

3. Print or save the web page with your CIH information. The page is titled "CM Cycle End Date and CM Worksheet Due Date".

4. Mail or scan/email your ABIH information to BSCP.

This is all too complex, is there a simplified version of the CM program?

Yes, see the CM Primer.

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