Contact Information & Communications

Maintain Your Contact Information Diplomates are responsible to maintain up-to-date contact information in the ABIH roster to ensure that communications are sent to a current address. Once a year, ABIH requires that all Diplomates verify their contact information on record. Diplomates should do this as often as needed, not necessarily waiting for the annual prompt.
Keep Your Email Address Current ABIH communicates with Diplomates on a regular basis, primarily using email. If the Diplomate does not have an email address on file, some but not all communications are sent via postal mail. For email, the Diplomate must use an email address that is not blocked or filtered (which can sometimes occur with company, military or academic IT systems). When this occurs, a personal email address may be more effective for ensuring that electronic communications are received by the Diplomate.
Read the ABIH Newsletter The ABIH Advisor is the primary means for updating Diplomates about ABIH programs and activities. The newsletter is published several times a year on an as-needed basis. An email announcing each new issue is sent to all Diplomates with e-mail addresses. The newsletter is available on the public portion of the ABIH web site.
Other Communications Changes to CM program requirements are announced in the newsletter. In addition, as the change warrants, email or postal communication may also be sent to the Diplomates.