Conditions for Decertification

A Diplomate has failed to maintain their certification when any of the following conditions occur:

  • The CM process is not completed because:
    • A worksheet is not approved during the allowed review periods, or
    • The examination is not passed in the allowed time periods, or
    • A CM worksheet audit is failed
  • Annual fees (renewal & late) have not been paid for 2 years

  • An ethics review results in a decertification decision. BGC™ may revoke a person’s certification at any time for cause related to an ethics sanction.
Process When a Diplomate fails to maintain their certification, BGC sends a written notice of expiration to the person’s current postal mailing address.  BGC publishes the names of persons whose certification has expired or has been revoked.
Appeals & Reactivation

Decertification decisions can be appealed following the Certification Appeals Procedure.

Except for an ethics-related decertification, a person formerly certified may pursue reactivation.

False Representation

It is considered unethical conduct for a person to advertise himself/herself as an BGC Diplomate, CIH®, CAIH®, Certified Industrial Hygienist®, Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist® if the person:

  • is not currently certified by BGC
  • has allowed their certification to expire
  • has voluntarily surrendered their certification
  • has been de-certified for cause

BGC reserves the right and does take legal action when a non-certified person is found to be advertising himself/herself as an BGC Diplomate.