Learn of Key Changes

Key changes to the CM program are listed here; most recent first. For changes made prior to 2009, see the ABIH History web page or contact ABIH.

Area Change
Other Professional Certifications After January 1, 2015, CM credit for other professional certifications (like the CSP) can only be claimed using the rules for IH-Related exams in Category 7 (Jan 2015) Passing an exam prior to January 1, 2015 will earn the maximum CM credit for the Diplomate
IH-Related Exams
Passing an IH-related exam at any time during a CM cycle earns 0.167 point per exam hour in Category 7 (Jan 2014) Many more exams for certification, registration and licensure are now eligible for CM credit
Event review service discontinued
The CM point approval process for Category 4 education events was discontinued. Diplomates determine their own CM credit. All affected CM documents like worksheets were updated. (Dec 2011-Feb 2012). CM point request forms not needed.

Diplomates retain records of the CM credit analysis.

CM approval numbers are no longer required on CM worksheets for any Category 4 event, past or future.
Fundamentals converted to IH The Fundamentals CM Area in Category 4 events (education) was discontinued. All events previously assigned to the Fundamentals CM Area were converted to the IH CM Area in the ABIH online database. (2011).

Events previously listed as Fundamentals on a Diplomate’s worksheet can be changed to IH CM credit.

The Fundamentals cap of 30 hours (5 points) per event and CM cycle is eliminated.

Worksheets previously printed or downloaded prior to the change still have the Fundamentals terminology.

CIH (Ret) replaced with Voluntary Surrender The CIH (Ret) classification was replaced with a single new, Voluntary Surrender option. (2011) The VS program offers better options for reactivation. Also, those in good standing are listed in the online roster (showing years of certification) unless they chose to opt out.
Leave of Absence created
Established to accommodate Diplomates with extended hardship situations of 1- 2 years. (2011) The CM minimum requirements are proportionately reduced during the cycle.
One-time 54 month CM cycle A special, one time, 54 month cycle was created for ~ half of the Diplomates certified prior to 2011. (2011) CM worksheets are submitted earlier than normal. The CM minimum requirements are proportionately reduced during the cycle.
Additional 60 month CM cycle
An additional calendar period (July 1st to June 30th) was established for Diplomates who passed the spring exam in 2011 or thereafter. (2011) Diplomates who passed the fall exam remain on the Jan 1 to Dec 31 CM cycle.
Worksheets submitted >3 months late
Proof-of-participation records must be submitted if the CM worksheet is submitted more than 3 months after the end of the CM cycle. (2011) Effective beginning with the 2007-2011 CM cycle group.
De-certification for non-payment of fees
Diplomates who do not pay their annual fees for 2 years will be subject to decertification in the 3rd year. (2011) Ensure that contact information is up-to-date so that ABIH may keep you informed of reminders.
Writing questions for other certification exams
Points are not allowed after 2010 for writing exam questions or grading exams for the CSP, OHST, STS and ROH certifications. (2011) Category 7 points for these activities can still be claimed prior to 2011.
New ethics requirement & cap All Diplomates recertifying by CM worksheet must achieve at least 2 IH Ethics hours (0.33 points) during their CM cycle in Category 4 - Education. IH Ethics credit is capped at 30 hours (5 points) per CM cycle. (2010) Diplomates can earn IH Ethics credit anytime during their CM cycle.
General management courses
Must be taken before January 1, 2010 in order to receive Management CM credit in Category 4. (2010) General management courses taken prior to January 1, 2010 are eligible for CM credit but still capped at 30 hours (5 points).
Distance learning - Quiz not needed DL events do not need a test or quiz in order to be awarded Category 4 CM credit(2009) All DL events are now eligible if they meet the time and subject matter criteria.
Distance Learning cap eliminated The CM credit cap on Distance Learning events was eliminated. (2009) More events eligible for CM credit.
CM Credit awarded per hour CM credit for Category 4 events can be claimed on a per hour basis, one hour minimum. (2009) More events eligible for CM credit.