Minimum Requirements

Diplomates recertify by meeting the minimum requirements for a CM Worksheet (as listed below) or if eligible, by successful examination.

     Sum of all Categories
Category 4 - Points (Hours)
Diplomate Cycle Total Points IH ^ IH Ethics *
CIH® 54 months 36 9 (54 hrs) 0.33 (2 hrs)
60 months 40 10 (60 hrs) 0.33 (2 hrs)
CAIH® 54 months 31.5 9 (54 hrs) 0.33 (2 hrs)
60 months 35 10 (60 hrs) 0.33 (2 hrs)

^ Those with the IEQ sub-specialty, at least 30 hours (5 points) must be in air quality.

* The IH Ethics credit also counts as IH credit.

CM credit is earned between the CM Cycle Start Date and Cycle End Date, which normally is a 60 month window. CM worksheets are due no later than one month after the CM Cycle End Date. Diplomates can check their CM Cycle End Date and CMW Due Date at the My Account.

Any Diplomate with a Cycle End Date of June 30, 2015 or 2016 is on the 54 month cycle unless the person has been granted a cycle extension or the person initially passed the exam in spring 2011.