People who were previously certified may want to pursue reactivation.

When a former Diplomate is reactivated, BGC will issue a new certificate and certification letter, and publish the person’s name on the public area of the BGC/ABIH website.

Reactivated Diplomates will be assigned a new CIH number.

Reactivation Options

If you decertified And you want to reactivate You may do so by
For any reason except an ethics sanction At any time Examination* if you:

  • Submit the CM By Exam form (must be a former CIH certified in the Comprehensive Practice of industrial hygiene)
  • Complete at least 2 hours of ethics training within the previous 60 months
  • Pay re-application ($75) & examination fees ($350)
By Retired Status, Voluntary Surrender, or failure to pay annual fees BEFORE your cycle ends
  • Submitting a written request
  • Paying the annual fees
By Retired Status or Voluntary Surrender < 5 months after your cycle ends
  • Submitting an acceptable worksheet for the previous CM cycle
  • Paying the current annual fees and late CM worksheet fee (if due)
By Retired Status, Voluntary Surrender, or failure to submit an acceptable worksheet AFTER your CM cycle ends (requires a 6-month waiting period before reactivating)
  • Submitting an acceptable worksheet for the previous 60 months immediately preceding the reactivation request.  Request a CM Worksheet by emailing
  • Including audit materials
  • Paying $350 activation fee plus: any annual fees, current, back, and late fees

* Since the Aspects and CAIH examinations have been discontinued, reactivation by exam is not available. These Diplomates must qualify to take the Comprehensive Practice examination by completing the following:

  • An online reapplication in the Computerized Application and Portfolio System (CAPS),
  • A Professional Reference Questionnaire (PRQ) from a current supervisor,
  • Documentation of two hours of ethics training, and
  • Payment of reapplication and exam fees in effect at the time of request.