Voluntary Surrender


Diplomates may voluntarily surrender their certification before their certification expires unless involved in an ABIH® ethics case. The list of former Diplomates who have voluntarily surrendered  is published on the ABIH web site.


A Diplomate who surrenders their certification:

  • Can continue to practice IH
  • Can use the ABIH certification designations only when referencing the years of active certification, e.g., Smythe Johns, CIH®, 1990-2009
  • Cannot use the ABIH embossing seal or stamp
  • Is removed from the ABIH email distribution list
  • Is relieved of CM requirements and fees
  • Can reactivate at any time
  • Is subject to ABIH ethics case procedure provisions if found to be in violation of the voluntary surrender terms

Also see the CM FAQ for additional information when retiring from a job. Retirement does not automatically mean that the Diplomate must surrender their certification.

Roster Impacts

Former Diplomates can continue to be listed in the ABIH online roster depending upon their status with ABIH.

In Good Standing*
  • Has access to the private roster
  • Can continue to be listed in both the public & private rosters showing the years of certification, or
  • Can choose to be removed from the rosters
  • Can be re-listed at any time for a processing fee
Not In Good Standing
  • Is removed from the rosters
  • Can be re-listed in the roster by paying back fees and a processing fee

* No unresolved ethics issues, and current on all fees (due before the end of a CM cycle).