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BGC General          
BGC CIH Certification
Q and A Webinar
 Presentation begins at minute 23:00
Managing your Roster Information        
By-Laws pdf link       April 2020
Governing Policies       May 2020
Confidentiality Statement        
Privacy Policy        
Security Agreement Security Agreement PDF       (Non-disclosure form required of examination reviewers and item writers.)
Certification Appeals Procedure Certification Appeals Procedure PDF       Procedures for appealing adverse application, examination, recertification, or reactivation decisions.
Trademark and Certification Mark Use Policy Certification Appeals Procedure PDF       Rules and requirements for using BGC trademarks, service marks, and certification marks.
Application Documents    
Eligibility Self-Assessment Tool PDF file        
Professional Reference Questionnaire BGC uses an online form for PRQ submission.
Please find the form here.
Candidate Handbook
CIH Candidate Handbook Candidate Handbook PDF      
Exam Scheduling Fact Sheet Exam Equation Sheets PDF        
Exam Equation Sheets Exam Equation Sheets PDF        
Review of Exam Score Form Exam Equation Sheets PDF        
Test Accommodations    
Documentation Guidelines Document Guidelines PDF        
Request Form Request Form PDF Request Form Word       
Certification Maintenance (CM) Documents
CM Changes Nov. 2018        
CM Primer       The CM program explained in an easy-to-follow approach.
CM Program Handbook CM Program Handbook PDF        Program description and rules. Everything in the handbook is available on the web site. Everything on the web site is not in the handbook.
CM Worksheet

We are no longer offering the excel spreadsheet for recertification. Please login to the CAPS system to Report Points for your recertification cycle. 

New CIH® Orientation      

Part 1 - Key Dates in the CM Cycle (11 minutes)

The PDF documents are only the slides.


Part 2 - Earning CM Credit (24 minutes)


Part 3 - The CM Worksheet Review (10 minutes)

CM Credit Calculation Method       Overview
        Supplemental, more detailed information if the Overview doesn't answer your questions.
Attendance Verification Form Attendance Verification Form PDF         Record your attendance when no other means is available. Especially useful for local conferences.
CM By Exam CM by Exam PDF        Used when taking the Exam for CM or Reactivation.
Voluntary Surrender
On your CAPS profile          
Code of Ethics
 Please visit

Ethics Case Procedure
Ethics Complaint Form
BGC Award Guidelines
ABIH® Lynn C. O’Donnell Lifetime Achievement Award Guidelines  Lifetime Achievement Award Guidelines PDF        
ABIH® Impact Award Guidelines  Lifetime Achievement Award Guidelines PDF